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Convince birds to settle in our habitats and lay eggs that will never hatch.

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Kids Say:

"I was extremely disappointed to learn that the eggs weren’t chocolate."

"I like that every bird card is different, and you get to learn a little bit about each bird. It went pretty quickly when we played with two people."

Ross (Guest Reviewer) "It was pretty easy to learn. The theme did not affect how I felt about the game. I felt like I was doing well, but I lost because my opponent improved more."

Adults Say:

"One of my favorite pastimes is lying to children about  the names of birds. If we are walking through the park, and we see a goldfinch on a branch, I will tell the kids it is called a  Jarvis Screech or a Cyan-tufted Nutbill. Here is a game that actually leans on some of those patterns, like birds named after people, colors, body parts, or geographic regions."

"The game is expensive, in part because the quality of pieces and gamerboards are on a whole other level. The instruction manual is some kind of synthetic paper that feels like a menu at a 5-star restaurant."

"The game itself is fun, with  high replay value. On every move, players choose between one of four moves, which is enough to keep it strategically interesting, but few enough that they won’t be paralyzed by indecision."

"I want to particularly applaud the one-player version, which kept me entertained for several evenings while the family was out of town."

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