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We are:

An Italian couple who just bought our first starter villa.

Trying to:

Stomp on grapes, post fake raves about yourself on Yelp, and bilk people into joining your wine club. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"This game was very long, but i really liked it. It reminds me of Agricola, but I like it better; it is more straightforward and you don’t have to worry about your family starving. There are a million steps to making the actual product (wine), but you always know what you need to do. You can never accomplish everything you want to do on one turn, which leads to everyone having different strategies."

"Nope. I was bored all the way through. I guess it could be fun, but it wasn’t."

Adults Say:

"Viticulture incorporates two elements that solve many of the problems of other worker placement games. One is that it utilizes a system whereby players vie for the order in which they get to place the workers, and those that choose later slots are often compensated with other rewards. The second, and more important is the concept of the “Grande Worker.” Everyone has one worker (a giant Meeple!) who can be placed on any spot, even one that is already occupied by an opponent. Thus, if there is one task you really want to do, you can’t be elbowed out of it."

"A four player game takes too long, at least with new players."

"The game feels realistic. I have no a priori knowledge about winemaking, but after playing this a couple of times, I feel like I could go out and inherit a winery and keep it afloat for a little while."

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