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Ultimate Werewolf Legacy

We are: 

Hapless villagers in 17th century America. 

Trying to: 

Execute a different pillar of the community every day, in case they happen to be secretly a werewolf. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I had a great time. It’s always a fun game to play with a lot of your family friends. It’s a game that encourages the use of guns against werewolves. The game has towers and evil boxes."

Bass (Guest Reviewer): "I wish there were more chapters so we could play more."

Adults Say:

"The legacy version of the classic One Night Ultimate Werewolf can only be played with a very large group. While this is great for social reasons, the size of the group and the other bells and whistles make it harder to focus on who is lying. More guessing than actual social deduction. It is a bluffing game, in theory, but there is little incentive for people to speak up at all; sometimes the person keeping quiet will just win by default. Works well with a mixed audience of adults and kids, and can be done virtually, but it isn't quite as fun over Zoom, because once you're out, you can't just go into the other room and grab a beer with the other murdered villagers."

"By the way kids, you really shouldn’t have said that the boxes are evil. That’s a spoiler."

Mark (Guest Reviewer): “What a blast. The gore and violence were epic.”

Stacy (Guest Reviewer): "I like it because you can find out which of your friends and family have murderous rage."

Ben (Guest Reviewer): "Some of us old folks don’t know how to use this whole Zoom thing which was definitely getting in the way of being a 'WINNER.' "

Skippy (Guest Reviewer): "It’s really fun but it makes you stay up an hour and half past your bedtime."

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