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Tournament at Avalon

We are:

Knights in the fellowship of King Arthur, painted in that weird Medieval style that predates perspective.

Trying to:

Joust each other to bits

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"This game is fun, especially if you are losing early. At the end of each round, we all get special abilities that allow us to dump on whoever has the lead, however slim. Inevitably, this sends them back to last place by the end of the next round. My father thinks this makes the game exciting, but I completely disagree, and I think it is stupid. That said, I won the game both times I played, so obviously, I really enjoy it. I especially like that I was able to win without focusing on obscure strategies that other members of my family seem to like."

Adults Say:

"Tournament at Avalon is a fast-paced game of Arthurian legends that flips the stagnant trick-taking dynamic onto its helmeted head. Players have unique powers, some gargantuan and some miniscule, that meddle with the rules just enough to keep things unpredictable and create an almost absurdly satisfying experience. It has a very effective mechanism for handicapping players who jump out to an early lead; it’s almost as if every knight has equal stature and is sitting at a round table."

"The only problem with it is that the players constantly find themselves forgetting to do one or two of the cool up-notchy things to which their character is entitled, because the trick-taking-party pace gets to feeling so comfortable and free."

"My only other complaint about this game is that it isn’t for people with small hands.  The oversized cards have a lovely hand-feel, and it’s wonderful to slap a big ol’ card down on the table, but it’s impossible to shuffle the damn things.  Time and time again I found myself tempted just to plunk the whole pile of cards on the table, squidgy them around in a big mess, and then pick them up again and say I shuffled them, to avoid embarrassment."

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