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Ticket to Ride: Nederland

We are:

Dutch railroad magnates

Trying to:

Haul trainloads of tulips from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and windmill parts from some city you’ve never heard of to another city you’ve never heard of.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“I liked this game a lot, probably because I really like the normal Ticket to Ride. Some things have changed... you have to pay tolls to build tracks. I honestly think this is pretty stupid. I get the idea of not wanting one person to build a million routes without being at least a little hesitant, but I think it’s an unnecessary precaution. The names of cities are weird and printed in a way that is hard to read, especialy if the bottom of the board isn't facing you. The missions are easier to complete, which makes the game a lot more fun. Overall, if you’re craving a Ticket to Ride experience, I would recommend this over the original.”

“It’s really fun to block people off, especially when they were saving up cards for six rounds to get their trains in a specific spot. I did this to my dad and he will never look at me the same. After that, my strategy was to go for the longest cheap routes, but my mom fulfilled the most missions and ended up winning by a lot.”


“Almost every route is a double, which means two players can build tracks between any adjacent cities. The player who builds first has to pay a toll to the bank. The player who builds second has to pay a toll to the first player. This fixes one of the fundamental flaws of the original Ticket to Ride, because it incentivizes building early, rather than hoarding cards." 

“The large point bonuses doled out for having the most money at the end of the game added a fun dimension.”

"They made a poor choice when they picked the font for the city names. I'm sure people from Holland already know the names of the cities, but for those of us learning Dutch geography as we play, the stylized text is a major barrier."

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