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The Mind Extreme

We are: 


Trying to: 

Count in our heads from 1 to 50 and from 50 to 1 at the same time.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


demo snip.PNG

Kids Say:

"It's honestly just too hard. We never made it past round 4 out of 12. Sometimes games that are hard to win are fun, but this really just got boring after a while. I definitely like the original better."

Adults Say:

"This is meant for people who have mastered The Mind. (As opposed to people who have mastered Mastermind.) It’s about 25% more frustrating than the original. We kept thinking our genetic wavelengths would meld if we kept playing, but we just ended up yelling at each other more. After the kids gave up, we tried with just two players, and it was significantly less soul-crushing."

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