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The Game of Things

We are:

Tasked with secretly writing a unique answer to a simple question.

Trying to:

Guess which of our companions wrote which answer. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"A simple game that will get the entire family laughing. Make something up. That’s all you do. There are some loopholes in the design: if you don’t want to be found out, you write down something in the style of another person, which might not be what the game intended."

Adults Say:

"Recommended for Zoom family game night. A don’t-have-to-think-too-much-but-still-get-credit-for-being-creative party game where you guess who said what in response to a prompt. Seconds to learn, laugh-out-loud moments, and good family time. It can be played with four players, but we had the most fun with eight."

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