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We are: 

Heroes of the realm.

Trying to: 

Get stronger, smarter, and richer, and force our opponents into retirement. 

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Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"It takes way too long to play, but I love the D&D-esque theme with spells and items, etc."

"I’ve been playing this game since I was five. It’s like Monopoly, in that it is almost all luck. Sometimes good things happen to you and sometimes bad things happen to you, and you have no control over the consequences. I suppose it's good for people who are new to board games. Pro tip: Don’t ever go to the Enchantress. She is bad news. She will turn you into a Toad."

Adults Say:

"We’re playing the version I bought when I was the kids’ age. Back in the day, this was a perennial favorite at sleepover parties."

"One glaring problem with Talisman is the lack of equity. The characters all start with special powers, but they can be ho-hum, like being safe in The Crags, or ridiculously powerful, like getting to draw two adventure cards instead of one every turn and deciding which one to play."

"You don't get to make many real decisions, and the decision you do make are often between two unknowns. (Do I pick a random card, or roll a die for a random effect?)"

"We were two hours into the game before realizing that nothing meaningful had happened and we hadn’t made much progress towards ending the game."

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