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Sushi Go Party

We are:

Patrons at a Japanese restaurant

Trying to:

Eat  the most satisfying combination of sushi rolls and nigiri.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I love the theme of Sushi Go Party! The cards are super-cute anthropomorphic seafood. The game takes ten seconds to explain, and even less time to play."  (Editor's Note: this is inaccurate.)

"The temaki card is... no good. I would recommend not playing with it. Aside from that, I like this game. I don’t like seafood and that affected my ability to enjoy this game because I only ever wanted to play the wasabi and tofu and pudding and chopsticks and green tea ice cream and special menu."

Adults Say:

"I have a soft spot for games with exclamation points in their titles, so I was already biased in favor of Sushi Go Party!  Each player gets a hand of cards, picks one to put in their tableau, and hands the rest of the cards to the player to their left. This 'draft and pass' mechanism, employed so well in favorites like 7 Wonders, keeps the game moving along like sushi on a conveyor belt. (Which is the only way to eat sushi, as far as I’m concerned.)"

"Anyone can play, and anyone can win, but there is enough strategy to keep seasoned gamers engaged. Those who consider basic probability, memorize the cards in each hand, and make calculated sacrifices to sabotage other players will have a slight edge, but not enough to tip the scales every time."

"This is an expanded and improved version of the original Sushi Go! The original has a single menu of basic food items, each with their own scoring mechanisms. Sushi Go Party! lets you mix and match different combinations of appetizers, rolls, and deserts so you can experiment with different levels of complexity and interactivity. This keeps the game fresh as a hot pink slice of sashimi."

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