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Stuffed Fables

We are: 

Sentient stuffed animals, forever loyal to their toddler master. 

Trying to: 

Use household bric-a-brac to fend off your toddler's nightmares and hope that she doesn't wet the bed with you in it.

 Score Board

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Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say: 

"A good game for people who are attracted to cooperative adventure games like D&D. I’m not as interested in that stuff as my brother, but everything about this game is charmingly adorable. You each play stuffed animals ('stuffies') who collect buttons. The stuffied can get soggy if they are not careful.. They can encourage each other by sharing stuffing. They get little heart points for doing good deeds, and instead of dying, they just collapse and wait for more stuffing to arrive."

"I love all the cute items you can have, like a skateboard, rubber bands, a number 2 pencil, or… a bloody cleaver!"

Adults Say:

"This was billed to me as Gloomhaven for kids, and I get that, but unlike Gloomhaven, the narrative is more important than the mechanics of battle. The story is very reminiscent of a Toy Story movie… a team of stuffed animals fight bravely to protect a sleeping toddler from genuinely creepy nightmares. The basics of are easy to learn, but in our first game, we had a few questions that the instruction manual didn’t do a great job of answering."

"I wish each adventure was a little shorter. A 60-minute game is easier on kids than a 90-minute game."

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