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We are: 

Covert operatives at a Halloween party

Trying to: 

Identify a secret agent from a lineup of costumed party-goers

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Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I like this game. I think it is a good choice if you are playing with smart fun party people. I like the concept, but it is harder than it sounds. Just like Spyfall and Codenames, it can take a while to think of a good clue. It is difficult to think of something that is “not too obvious” and “not too hard” but that also relates the item to the character very well. How are you supposed to find a clue that relates Puss in Boots to a hot tub? The creators of the game clearly think the population of Earth is a lot smarter than we are. Still, the game is fun. I found it very satisfying when I thought of a good clue, and I think I could really get better at it with a few more game plays."

Adults Say:

"Spyfest is a wonderful way to rejoin society post-Pandemic, and revel in the fact that you’re allowed to communicate with friends again.  Have a few folks over and draw them into a party game that plays up interaction and guessing.  You’ll be reading social signals again in no time!"

"The game is built on the platform of its predecessor, Spyfall, in which a spy in a crowd of non-spies has to secretly figure out where he is before the non-spies identify and oust him.  Spyfest places the characters in a Spy Convention.  Everyone’s a spy, so you’re in good company, and everyone’s wearing a costume, such as Joan of Arc, Albert Einstein, or Helen of Troy.  There are two teams.  Your team’s mission is to identify your contact’s costume before the other team does.  Your contact will give obscure clues meant to help you out, and you’ll have an advantage, but the other team always gets to guess first."

"It’s a blast to work together to wend your way around obscure clues.  But we also found giving these obscure clues to be extremely challenging. Sometimes building connections between the character and the clue cards - meant to bestow the aforementioned advantage - was so difficult that the contact clammed up and couldn’t describe themselves much at all.  It remains to be seen whether a more talkative contact will eventually overcome this problem."

"As it is, we find this game a little underwhelming compared to Spyfall, which is an instant party."

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