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Spirit Island

We are: 

Nature-themed dieties.

Trying to: 

Stop gentrification by pushing back a relentless onslaught of property developers.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I’ve played this game a few times. It's actually fun, and the artwork is beautiful, but it can take a while to finish."

"Nope. I really didn’t like this game. For most of the game, you have no power, and the bad guys are just beating up on you. Somehow, at the very end, you get a ton of power, and maybe you are able to fend them off. That was the only fun part, but it wasn’t worth the three days of playing to get there."

Adults Say:

"This has all the elements of a winner: cooperative play, beautiful artwork, bizarre pieces that make for a wonderful tactile experience, differential character powers, and various levels of complexity. It has one of the best back stories of any game I have seen; the players are minor dieties that work with native people to fend off colonial invaders who look like Conquistadors. The world of Spirit Island has a unique and enchanting mythos that I want to know more about. The powers your characters wield are really creative and well-balanced. This game would be absolutely perfect... if it was more fun. Unfortunately, it's mostly just stressful. It reminds me of playing Pandemic when things aren’t going well. All you can do is take little bites out a menace that is growing way too fast. Plus, there is too much of administrative work to do between rounds, which is both time-consuming and hard to get right."

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