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Secret Hitler

We are: 

Pre-WWII German politicians.

Trying to: 

Pass laws and elect leaders commensurate with our political aspirations. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I love this game. It reminds me a lot of Avalon, but I like the idea of just having two people in power, rather than a whole team. The first couple of games we played were unusual, because the liberal team won really quickly. The third time, it felt like a real competition."

Adults Say:

"The general idea is that fascists are living among liberals, hoping to secretly elect Hitler as their chancellor. This is a social deduction game, full of lies, but mostly the same lie over and over again. The bad guys always say, 'I had to pass a fascist policy because the only policies I had to choose from were fascist policies.' Getting to accuse your friends and family of being Hitler has never been so gleeful. Which feels weird."

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