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We are:

Smooth-talking space scoundrels

Trying to:

Bilk our opponents out of Coaxium or keys to a Correlian YT-1300f light freighter.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“The game was surprisingly fun and well-thought out for a game based solely off of Star Wars. It only takes about two minutes to play, and I usually find myself wanting to play more.”

“It was super fast to learn and just about as fun as poker. I liked the game play and thought it was a cool concept. Some of the cards are hard to read because they don’t have numbers on them. We could play this with a regular old deck of cards if we took out a few.”

Adults Say:

“I believe baccarat is an imaginary card game that only exists in James Bond movies. There is a scene in ‘Goldeneye’ where  the dealer gives two cards to James, and two cards to Xenia Onatopp, they flip their cards over, and announce that Onatopp won. Seriously, that is preposterous. You will never convince me that’s a real game.”

“The equivalent in the Star Wars universe is Sabacc, a high-stakes betting and bluffing game that Han Solo and Lando Calrissian use to prove they are the smoothest and the scoundrel-iest. There are several commercially-available versions (a.k.a. Disney Cash-Grabs), but our resident Star Wars fanatic wanted the one with oblong hexagonal cards covered with exotic red and green symbols. If you need specifics, it is technically called the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Sabacc Playing Card Game.”

“This version of Sabacc plays a little bit like Texas Hold ‘Em. Each player starts with two cards, and has three chances to add or swap a card to improve their hand. Between each round, there is an opportunity to bet. Smooth scoundrels bet things like Imperial credits or deeds to a Cloud City, but we used the little red Soviet Agents (‘Commies’) from Pandemic Legacy Season 0, since that game was already on the table.”

“In the present day in a galaxy close, close by, there is no shortage of fast-paced casino games. Bringing a new one to life doesn’t seem to fulfill the imperative of a new board game. But Sabacc is a perfectly adequate vehicle for gambling. Much like poker, in fact, it feels pointless unless you have a table full of players and wagering is involved.”

“It is worth mentioning that it is hard to shuffle hexagonal cards.  It is also worth mentioning that when you shout the name of the game, which Lauren did upon winning all the Commies, it sounds a lot like you are crying out for a certain Vulcan. Perhaps this is the Star Wars / Star Trek crossover moment we have all been waiting for.”

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