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Rivals for Catan

We are: 

Settlers, in that we've settled for a 2-player game. 

Trying to: 

Build cities, and fill them with libraries, aqueducts, and knights with variable levels of panache.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:

Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

(Kids haven't played yet)

Adults Say:

"A two-player card game that has settlements, cities, and resources that you can trade with other players, but still manages to feel like an entirely different game from Settlers of Catan."

"One nice feature is that every player gets something on every die roll, even if it is not necessarily the thing they want most.  I really enjoy the variety in the market cards. They give you points or missions that make the game interactive in ways that the base game of Settlers is not."

"I was astonished at how closely matched we ended up being. After playing for over an hour, both players were within one turn of winning. Klaus Teuber does it again!"

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