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We are: 

Monarchs. Long live the us!

Trying to: 

Create the most prestigious arrangement of fields and lands! Huzzah!

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I like it better than Kingdomino. The new elements are cool, especially the city-building."

Adults Say:

"It is Kingdomino, but with a few new elements that remind me of other games. There is a marketplace where unpurchased items get progressively cheaper (like Above and Below or Powergrid), and the opportunity to buy badges that increase the value of your holdings at the end of the game."

"I have mixed feelings about these 'upgrades' from Kingdomino. On one hand, the new mechanics definitely create opportunities for more depth and strategy. That said, one of the pleasures of Kingdomino is how simple, unique, and fast it is. The new elements don’t feel particularly fresh, and they slow the game down a little. It’s like learning contract bridge after playing euchre for a number of years. It is more sophisticated, but is it better?"

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