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Puns of Anarchy

We are: 

Mischievous people with dry erase markers.

Trying to: 

Make puns out of movie titles and band names. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"Probably my favorite party game that we own. It’s fun to play with people that have good senses of humor. Highly recommend. 10/10. I’ve never laughed so hard at a game."

"This is an amazing game! It brings out the funny person inside of everyone. We were all laughing 100% of the time."

Micah (guest reviewer): "Don’t exaggerate. I was laughing about 30% of the time, but that is because I don’t laugh. So that’s pretty good for me."

Adults Say: 

"This might be the most fun I’ve had from a game that can be taught in under 2 minutes. It challenges you to be creative, but not overwhelmingly so. The box says it’s for ages 17+, but if there are any racy or inappropriate elements, they come from the minds of the players, not the game itself."

"It relies on dry erase markers, and one of them ran dry halfway through the first game."

"It is overpriced, for sure, but we haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Unfortunately, the replay value isn't as high as other word-based games." 

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