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We are: 

A clonal colony of trees.

Trying to: 

Sprout, grow, soak up the light, live our best arborial lives, and collapse.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I like the idea of being a species of tree and competing for light, and the 3-dimensional cardboard tree pieces make the game very appealing.  But it's hard to find the strategy at the beginning of the game.  You feel like you're shooting in the dark for a few rounds before you do anything useful." 

"I think the game is pretty cool, but it's kind of boring: the turn-taking is pretty simple and repetitive."

Adults Say:

"This game reminds me of chess, but with trees.  You're constantly placing and removing trees from the board in an effort to grow tall enough to get the light you need to survive and reproduce.  Turns go pretty fast, and the sunlight moves around in a beautiful mechanic that proves unexpectedly satisfying."

"I would put this in the kid-friendly category because it's pretty easy to explain, but it's not easy to play well.  Visual-spatial planning is not my forte."

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