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Sew together oddly-shaped fabric swatches.

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Kids Say: 

"A lot simpler than I expected it to be, especially since it was written by the same guy that invented Agricola. Don’t try to latch on to a specific strategy before you start the game, because it’s easy to get carried away and not end up meeting your goal. A good game if you’re short on time, because it only takes about 15 minutes to play."

Adults Say: 

"It took us a while to take this one off the shelf, because you can only play with two people, so we had to divide the family up and play it twice."

"The comparisons to Tetris are inevitable, but this is less about perfectly interlocking the strange shapes than it is about balancing the two costs (time and cute button money) with the relative value of the pieces to your quilt. The layout, in which all the pieces are randomly placed in a circle around the table, is unique and visually appealing. It’s a clever mechanism to have the marketplace move around this circle as the game progresses."

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