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Pandemic: Hot Zone Europe

We are:

The sworn enemies of little translucent cubes

Trying to:

Save the world (or at least the value of the Euro) in about 20 minutes.

 Score Board

Family Score:

Kids' Score:

Adults' Score:


demo snip.PNG

Adults Say:

Do you crave the original great taste of Pandemic but looking for something lo-cal? Introducing Diet Pandemic. The box is smaller, the board is smaller, and the cards are smaller. There are fewer pathogens, character roles, event cards, and cities. But the game play is otherwise identical to the original. 

The result is a game for people with shorter  attention spans, less free time, smaller hands, and less shelf space. If that describes you, pick up a copy of this game right away, preferably using both of your tiny hands so you don’t drop it.

The only thing that is missing is the Anglicized version of the city names. So the rules are a snap, but my poor American brain didn’t recognize Praha, Lisboa, and Wien. And subsequently, my poor American brain couldn’t find Provo, Lynchberg, or Windsor on a map of Europe.

Kids Say:


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