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One Night Ultimate Werewolf

We are: 

People who live in a village, some of whom are villagers.

Trying to: 

Convince the majority of your companions that you are not mauling people in their sleep. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"This game is fine. It never really clicked with me, because some of the processes are a little too random. You have to make decisions based on no information, and sometimes you are screwed no matter how good you are at blugging (sic)."

"I like the role-playing, and I like telling people what I think happened  overnight (or at least what I want to think happened.)"

Adults Say:

"The perfect bluffing game for new gamers. A complete game lasts about 5 minutes, so it works well for people with short attention spans, and players who just keep their mouths shut still have a chance.  Sometimes, the smartest players use their intuition to discover that they’ve been turned into a werewolf and should be murdered. So it goes."

"It’s very easy to cheat, so not a great game for untrustworthy children."

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