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Not Alone

We are: 

Survivors of a spaceship crash on a mysterious planet. 

Trying to: 

Hide from the locals until our rescue party arrives.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"The game is asymmetric, which means it pits one player against all the others. It is stressful for the team, because it feels like you have to work harder to win, but it turns out that the game is pretty evenly-balanced. The art is pretty. I wish the cards were more equally-valued."

Adults Say:

"If you strip away the bells and whistles, this is essentially a more nuanced version of Battleship. The team hides, and the Creature tries to guess where they are hiding. The adversaries are well-matched when the guessing is random, but the fun comes from trying to outwit your opponents by predicting their moves."

"I love that the Creature is not trying to kill the humans, but to assimilate them into the fabric of the planet they invaded. We like to have the creature groan 'One of us…' throughout the game."

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