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We are: 

Indecisive gamers

Trying to: 

Play Catch Phrase, Codenames, and Charades all at once

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Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"Really fun party game, but you need to know a little bit about pop culture to play. Not great for little kids. The DIY version, which we call Salad Bowl,  is just as good. Just have every friend write down 5-10 names or phrases, throw them into a salad bowl, and you’re ready to play."

"It exploits the little inside jokes that you have with your friends and family to maximize the fun."

Adults Say:

"A guaranteed party favorite. In round one, we take turns drawing cards and trying to get their teammates to say the word or phrase on the card. In round two, we do the same thing with the same cards, but this time the clue can only be one word. And in round three, we do the same thing yet again with the same cards, but this time the clue must be acted out. That’s the whole game, and each round is more hilarious than the last."

"You would think you would never be able to get someone to say 'This is for Rachel' or 'The astronaut who drove across the country in a space diaper so she could kidnap her boyfriend,' without using a single word, but once the other players have heard it twice, anything is possible."

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