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Love Letter

We are:

Suitors to the princess

Trying to:

Manipulate our allies in the royal court, hoping they will  slip our scented missive into the princess’s delicate hands

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“I liked it. It is a lot like Coup, but I have a feeling this one came first, because it feels more ancient. There are a lot of different strategies to think about, and it can be overwhelming for a newcomer. I also just had really bad luck and was eliminated from the rounds super early. I never was a huge fan of elimination games, because then the eliminated person has nothing to do, but thankfully, the rounds are usually no longer than 7 minutes.”

Adults Say:

“It’s a card game so simple that each player has only one card in their hand. Each turn, they draw one more card, and play one. The card they play may expose and attack another player or offer temporary protection from similar attacks. The last suitor standing gets a favor token. Then someone shuffles the cards and the whole thing starts over until one player has enough favor tokens to win the princess’s fickle imperial heart.”

“Love Letter is a savory stew of bluffing, strategy, and luck, and the winner is usually the person who can succeed in two of those three realms. It packs a big punch for a game that can fit in your pocket. The comparison to Coup is a good one. But since this is about soliciting romance, I prefer to call it Woo Coup.”

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