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Letter Tycoon

We are:

Mustachioed robber barons

Trying to:

Patent the letter U, so we can sue people for using the words sue and using.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I liked this game a lot. It always made me feel like a supergenius when I got a really long word. It was super satisfying. It reminds me of letter jam but cooler and for smarter people." 

“Okay, this game sucks. Not because of its design, not because all of the letters stood for random buildings that had nothing to do with the game, but because my family members were too good. I can never win. I never have a chance. And that’s not fun. I give this game one out of ten poop emojis. (Assuming more poop emojis is good.)”

Adults Say:

“This word game is simple enough that I can explain most of the rules in a short paragraph. You draw a hand of letter cards, and try to use them to spell the longest word you can. The longer the word, the more money you get, and you can use that money to purchase a patent on a letter that is in your word. Patents for vowels and common letters cost more than patents for uncommon letters. For the rest of the game, when an opponent makes a word with a letter for which you hold a patent, you earn royalties, which you can use to patent more expensive letters.”

“Letter Tycoon uses the same part of your brain as Scrabble. It provides the same rush when you string together a brilliant combination of letters. Given the choice between the two, I would rather play Letter Tycoon. It moves faster, ends quicker, you can ditch unwanted letters after every turn, and the game gets more exciting as it goes on, because everyone starts making big money from their patents. (As opposed to Scrabble, which suffers from an ever-shrinking board as options get fewer and fewer.)”

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