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We are: 

Nervous job applicants

Trying to: 

Convince the HR director to overlook our impressive shortcomings

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“The game is fun and encourages creativity, but gets repetitive. I don’t think I would be excited to play again.”

“Jobstacles confuses me. We were definitely playing wrong, but it still ended up being fun. I can see us playing this with a bunch of friends, and it would probably work better.”

Adults Say:

“Imagine you are applying to be a flight instructor. Perhaps your background is a drama teacher who shot a previous co-worker in the leg, or maybe you are a pet food taster who dumped the interviewer in high school. Can you make a convincing case that you deserve this job? We played so that each player has to make a pitch for why they should be hired. The instructions that come with the game suggest an infinitely more boring procedure, where the interviewer picks the winner based on the cards in front of them, rather than on the pitch. Our way was much funnier, but definitely benefited those with improv experience.”

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