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Grave Robbers from Outer Space

We are:

Sci-fi horror movie producers

Trying to: 

Have our archetypal characters survive when the credits roll

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“One of those games where you don’t have to pay attention to play. The turns are kind of long so it didn’t really engage everybody at one time. I was on my phone when it wasn’t my turn. My favorite part of the game was the funny quotes on the cards.”

“I love that you start by making up a name for your B-movie. They give you a bunch of random words like ‘outer space,’ ‘zombie’ and ‘slimy’ and you have to make up a title. My movie’s title was ‘The Evil Doctor Man from the Demonic Planet of Darkness.’ The game itself can be very short-lived and you don’t really have to pay attention when it’s not your turn."

Adults Say:

“It’s like Munchkin, but funnier and (thankfully) shorter. The author wrote a list of hilarious bad movie tropes, and tried to turn them into a card game. The cards say things like, 'An abandoned building! Looks spooky, but maybe they have a phone...' or 'Let’s split up. You stay here and I’ll go look for everyone else.' I read through some of these cards before we played, and I got really excited. Unfortunately, the game itself is pretty humdrum. It is hard to keep a character alive for more than a turn. And then it ends very suddenly. After about 5 minutes, the player who has eked out a tiny lead can usually announce that the game is over and declare victory.”

“The game play is kind of meh. It reminds me of Fluxx. At any time, the whole game can just blow up, so there’s no point in trying to develop a strategy. To make things worse, it’s possible to be dealt a hand of cards that you can’t use  for several turns, and by time you can literally do anything, the game is over.”

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