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Galaxy Trucker

We are: 

Space teamsters.

Trying to: 

Haul freght across a dangerous sector of space without too much of your ship falling off.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I had low expectations for some reason. It looked a little too cartoonish and annoying, but there are a lot of elements in the game that make it fun. I love that half of the game is spent building a spaceship and the other half is seeing what happens to it on it’s intergalactic journey. For less competitive children, the speed round can be a little annoying."

Adults Say:

"The bifurcated style of play works nicely. You build a ship, then try to survive with it through an adventure and see how it fares. Part of it is a race in real time, measuring speed and visuospatial skills, and part of it is a little more passive. Building a good ship is legitimately difficult."

"One of the funniest instruction manuals I’ve read. It’s hard to believe the same game designer came up with both this and Codenames. I can’t think of two games that are more different, but we love them both."

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