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Exit: The Secret Lab

We are:

Freelance research assistants who got roofied by our lab director.

Trying to:

Use colored liquids to unlock a door.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


demo snip.PNG


"It was just the right level of difficulty for us as a family. Some of the challenges felt weirdly-hard, but they all gave you that exciting feeling when you got them right, and sometimes it was the kids who figured it out.  I really liked the whole escape room theme, especially when we can’t go to a real escape room."

"I would definitely do this again. Can we buy another one?"

Adults Say:

"You and your family are  trapped in a small room, with no meaningful resources other than scrap paper. Sound familiar? That has been most of us in 2020, but it’s also the premise of Exit: The Game."

"The Exit series are small-box, single-use games meant to emulate the escape room experience. They are really more of a puzzle or activity book than a game. We played ‘The Secret Lab,’ which has about 10 distinct puzzles. We were able to get through them without dipping into the tempting deck of hint cards, but some of them kept us thinking for over ten minutes. Overall, I think the level of difficulty was just about right. The best part is that each family member had a couple ‘Eureka!’ moments, getting to serve as the linchpin for a successful solution."

"It’s worth mentioning a second time that the game is meant to be played only once. You can decide for yourself if keeping your family busy for a couple hours is worth the ~$15 price tag. If you like escape rooms, this single-use model makes perfect sense. But if you can’t justify buying something without replay value, keep walking."

"This is the perfect game for a family to bring on a vacation without having to lug a lot of pieces. It will fit in your backpack, and you won’t have to bring it home with you."

"There are over a dozen other Exit titles in the series, and I bet we’ll dip into the catalog again at some point.  The worst part of the experience was posing for our traditional 'Shout to the Heavens' gif after we won. Is it too much to ask four humans to lean in close and shout three words without whining and pushing each others’ heads?"

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