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We are: 

Merchants in the Roman Empire

Trying to fan: 

Fan out across the known world, from MAVRETANIA to AEGYPTVS

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Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“I think this game is overrated. It reminds me of games like Settlers of Catan and Powergrid, but the turns are slow and too complex. I can see this game having the potential to be fun if you play with people who plan their turns in advance, but we played with a person (whose name coincidentally rhymes with Balcolm) who took 20 minutes to figure out a turn. My dad thinks Concordia could be a gateway game, but I think you probably should have some game experience before you buy it. There are lots of little pieces that can be overwhelming.”

“The rules are easy to understand. However, it is hard to know how you are doing, because the scoring is all at the end of the game.”

Adults Say:

”This may be the perfect resource management game. Every turn is a joy! There are little rewards on other players’ turns to keep things interesting.”

“As much as I loved it, I confess that when we played with the whole family, it did drag a little. There is a card called Prafectus Magnus that rotates between players. When you have it, you can double your resource income on that turn only. If you’re playing with more players, it comes up less often, so you spend more time poor, and can do less with your turns. When we played the 2-player version, this card came up every other turn, so neither of us were ever wanting for money or resources. It made every move feel like a masterstroke.”

“Between when I learned this game and when I played it, I found out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and that negatively colored the experience for me. I played again a couple days later and loved it. Also, game play with 2 adults was rocketship-fast when compared to our initial round with 4 players, which included the (more strategic and therefore slower) kids.”

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