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We are: 

Holding colorful tranlucent cubes.

Trying to: 

Get your teammates to say an outdated aphorism by placing our cubes on the right icons. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


demo snip.PNG

Kids Say:

“It’s fun when you’re in the mood, but boring when you’re not. You kind of have to know who you’re playing with, so you can read what they’re trying to tell you. I love the ‘concept’ of the game, and the cooperative aspect to it.”

Adults Say:

“It’s like a modern version of Charades using icons instead of gestures. Like Charades, it works equally well with two people as with ten. At first, it feels impossible, but you quickly become familiar with iconography, and it feels like you've learned to communicate in a new language. It is remarkably engaging."

"I recommend playing for fun, not for points. The clues on the cards can be a bit esoteric at times, so feel free to make up your own.”

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