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Clank! In! Space!

We are: 

Intergalactic cat burglars.

Trying to: 

Steal a Gameboy from a massive space warlord and get to the escape pod before he notices.

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"I like the Dominion-esque deck building vibe, with the addition of the physical board to travel through and have conflicts with enemies."

"More luck involved than I was expecting by the look of the game. It is important early on to decide where on the map you are going and commit to it."

Micah (guest reviewer): "I loved how each room is diverse and enjoy the uncertainty of turning over each chip."

Adults Say:

"If you like Dominion, but wish it had a game board, and took place in space, this is the game for you. It felt overly dependent on luck, and there was no mechanism in place to help players who are lagging behind."

"I enjoyed that the game seemed to accelerate as it went on, and you had a chance to win even if you didn’t make it to an escape pod."

"Adults will enjoy deciphering all the sci-fi references, like cards based on Star Trek or the Terminator."

"The game suffers from lack of real interactivity between players, so in a four-player game, there is a lot of downtime while you are waiting for your turn."

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