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We are: 

Shoplifting spelunkers

Trying to: 

Tiptoe around the oubliette without waking up a cranky basilisk

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

“What I like about Clank! is that you can play the obvious way or what I call the secret way. I have tried both methods and won with both (because I am a winner!) I like this version slightly more than Clank! In Space because it is a wee bit simpler. I think this could be a gateway game for new gamers. My father is asking me to write about the thematic differences between the two games but I honestly couldn’t care less.”

“I didn’t have the best experience with this game. I just had extremely bad luck. All the stuff that went wrong was beyond my control. Sometimes games are so unfair. Why were we put on this Earth, if only to suffer? But it's okay, beacuse I like dungeons.”

Adults Say:

“This is an old-school board game, in which the board itself directs you where you can and can’t go as you venture through the dungeon. The deck-buildling adds a modern twist and a sense that your choices have long-term impact, but the rest of it feels very retro.”

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