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Bargain Quest

We are: 

Shopkeepers in a town beset by monsters.

Trying to:  

Sell our best implements-of-slaying to the local heroes. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"It is really fun because it allows you to play D&D from a different angle… you’re the shopkeeper instead of the adventurer. They could make this game with a different theme, like selling clothes or something, and it would still make sense, but it wouldn’t be as fun."

"A pretty friggin' balanced game, because when you are ahead, there are consequences. You always feel like you’re in it."

Adults Say:

"A fun twist on the fantasy genre. You are the proprietor of a store that outfits heroes to fight whatever monster happens to be invading the area. You have to woo a hero into your shop and hope the things they buy from you prepare them to fight the baddie. If they succeed using your wares, you get honor points. The game involves a card-drafting mechanism (think 7 Wonders). Since you are allowed to keep one card from round to round, the player who is lucky enough to draw a valuable item in the first round may have an advantage for several rounds. Fortunately, many of the monsters pick on the players who are doing best, evening things out a little."

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