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We are: 

Knights of the Round Table. At least most of us are.

Trying to: 

Lie, if we have to, to convince everyone that we are, in fact, Knights of the Round Table. 

 Score Board

Family Score:


Kids' Score:


Adults' Score:


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Kids Say:

"A classic in my family! We have played this game more than everything else other than Phrase Party. I wish we could play with four people, though. On the other hand, it’s fun to play with newcomers, and Dad has gotten really good at teaching family friends how to play. It is even more fun to play with people who you have played with before, because you have a better idea of how they act when they are evil or Merlin."

Adults Say: 

"This social deduction game has had so much play in our house that we had to buy a new copy because too many of the cards were worn and bent."

"The only reason it took us this long to review is that you need a minimum of five players, and we couldn’t make that work during the early days of quarantine. Eventually, we decided that reviewing Avalon was so important, we would be willing to let potential players into our house who didn’t look too sick. Whatever happens, it was worth it. The game is that good."

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