We are: 

Aristocrats in the Spanish Middle Ages.

Trying to: 

Hire the best master builders to construct your colorful little compound. 

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Kids Say: 

"A good mix of the other games we have played to far. I like it better than Carcassonne. You are each building your own world rather than one big world. I also like it better than Isle of Skye, because the scoring is less complicated."

"It’s a fun game in concept, but it is frustrating when someone buys the tile you want before you can get it."

Adults Say:

"Alhambra combines a lot of the common mechanics of European-style board games… card drafting, tile placement, and collecting resources. All are done in the most straightforward way possible, making this a great introduction to the genre. It has just enough interactivity to make other players’ turns interesting. The art if simple, but attractive, and the sense of steady progress is satisfying."